HOLLY STAR is a warm blue-collar comedy about a struggling puppeteer, who gets fired from her dream job and returns to her hometown in Maine for the holidays. While she’s trying to figure out how to make a living doing her art or whether to just scrap it all, she has a near-death experience which uncovers long, lost memories and propels her into a preposterous treasure hunt for money, meaning and maybe love. Michael A. Nickles directs from his original script. Production Begins December 2016.


THE WITCH FILES The team behind “Night of the Living Deb” returns to Maine to shoot a high school drama filled with rivalries, betrayal, sex and black magic. Five frenemies form a witches coven as a joke and connect to an ancient power deep in the Maine woods.
Be careful what you witch for. Starring Holly Taylor, Greg Finley, Valerie Mahaffey and Paget Brewster. Kyle Rankin directs from a script by Larry Blamire & Kyle Rankin.

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A Cocksure Entertainment Co-Production.


Kyle Rankin’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEB, a Zom-Rom-Com with heart…and guts.  Starring Maria Thayer (Forgetting Sarah Marshall), Michael Cassidy (Batman v. Superman), and Ray Wise (Twin Peaks).  Now available on DVD/BluRay and on iTunes, Amazon and Netflix.
(c) 2105 Cocksure Entertainment.


SUMMER OF ’74 is the unauthorized “true” origin story of “Star Wars,” set in a desert truckstop in Barstow, California. Its a farcical acid trip though the innocence and extravagance of the 70s filled with sex, drugs, disco and a smuggler who drives a van he calls “The Falcon.”  Written by Liam Scheff & S.C.V. Taylor

THE FACE GARDEN Set amidst the abandoned quarries and rugged woods of the Maine Islands, a troubled teen goes to stay with his father’s mentor, a retired teacher and admired woodcarver on a remote island. But he soon suspects that he and his host may not be alone. Directed by Shane Cole.
A Hyperion Pictures Co-Production.

CRAWL Emmy-Award winning producer Willard Carroll will direct from his script, a taught cat-n-mouse thriller during a chance encounter and an all-night pub crawl in the cold Maine winter.
A Hyperion Pictures Co-Production.

FRACTURED A dark modern update of “Phantom of the Opera” set in a world of sex, booze and rock-n-roll. It’s a terrifying journey into the mind of a monster, and the woman who could love such a man. Written by Ember Newey & S.C.V. Taylor